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As Of Right Now!

2010-05-30 14:08:09 by Jakit-Sol

I have finals week in high school, then graduation, and then a $9 per hour job to do to help pay for college. Which means i can get back to some serious work on Episode 2! And to celebrate my graduation, here's a verbal preview of how my flash skills have improved.

1. There's character shading.
2. Better backgrounds.
3. An actual intro and title sequence. ( this will be in every episode )
4. Its actually going to be funnier.
5. A PLOT has been actually written for this.
6. More dialouge!

Bugs to work out...

1. My mic with Audacity apparently still makes a cutoff noise whenever my character actually speaks. I have no idea how to fix it.
2. Lack of voice actors. I'm having a few more people put into this series as each episode is made. But i cant do all of the voices. I'm kinda low pitched. So any volunteers willing to help out with this will be welcome depending on some unknown factors.
3. Time for working on the episode. For my job, i have to wake up at 4 AM and be at the job at 5:30 AM. AND its on America's largest military base, Fort Hood. But i get off at 2:30 PM, so i get the rest of the day to act like an idiot.
4. Life Stuffs. they are needed and are bitterley delicious with busted glass shards.
5. this bug is missing so forget that.

Anyway, life is getting better, my hobby will finally get some attention, and ill probably never have to see all the people that pissed me off in high school for a few years...unless they follow me to college. then ill probably be skrewed. well, Shockazula and see ya lata!

oh, and heres a pic of the Lokomo Sword from LOZ:ST, but made of PAPER!

As Of Right Now!


2010-03-12 00:10:00 by Jakit-Sol

Inspiration for the second episode's plot has struck my cerebellum with a cast iron skillet whose name shall be "Bobby". Animation for this whole project is going kinda slow, but im not to blame. School sucks the creativity from your mind. Especially when you have a good idea, but way to much shit gets in your way and you have to clear it all out until you get some time to actually do the work that you want to do!

I'm also on the hunt for college scholarships so i can get a bachelors degree in engineering, for i love to build lots of things, but can't put my skills to any serious money making jobs as of yet. Ah well. At least i have what i love to do right at my fingertips. And no, not THAT kind of love to have. I know what you might have thought there. And you are a sick individual for thinking so.

It's only an update.

2009-11-29 12:11:38 by Jakit-Sol

Well, i'm finally 18 since the 23rd, and I got more than $100 for my birthday as well as STAR TREK on DVD, and an assload of cardstock. Didn't expect to get STAR TREK for my birthday, but my favorite character from the movie (after i watched it) was definetly Scotty.

The only thing that really pissed me off was that all of my cards were mainly about fat guy jokes. I'm not even fat! And two of them were the same card! Both of those were quite a first.

Episode 2 isn't going as good as planned because I haven't worked on it for over a month. Again, damn school. Unless I had a week to myself and the motivation towards the flash, it would probably be mostly done. And i've had one hell of a busy Thanksgiving week off. But I might as well add 2 days to that holiday due to getting Friday off before the weekend preceeding the holiday week, and having to go to the doctor in Austin this 30th. So i've had about a week and a half of no school. And only 6 hours were spent on the episode. I think I needed a vacation from the vacation I just took so I could get the episode worked on and probably finished before the year is over. Well, we may see in about a month.

AG Episode 2 UPDATE!!!

2009-10-10 17:26:16 by Jakit-Sol

School is a total buzzkill on many, MANY fronts. A huge chunk of my day is taken away form me to better my future, classes give me an ass load of homework and schoolwork to accomplish in a given amount of time, and Episode 2 is only a quarter finished. Good thing though is that i haven't lost interest. I plan to make a game about anything in the future since I am taking a Video Game Design class, so possible hopes there. Teaching myself the basics of Role-Playing Platformer games is like asking for a cheeseburger from a shoe factory. Only 5 workers eat them at lunch and they bring them from home and not from Jack in the Box.

ok, so the first episode of my series is finally up after i got back to work from my vacation in Corpus Christi, TX, the city with the worst traffic in southern Texas! The episode is not really a whole lot good, just sorta good. its the pilot, but instead of making it all actiony and awesome with jokes and inuendoes, I made the episode the way it is just for backstory.

that and if anyone is reading this and has yet to see the ad in the episode, or knows how to efficiently work the NGAPI stuff so i can post other ads instead of just the NG tank, that would be swell for any of the future episodes.


Hoo boy!

2009-07-22 18:11:31 by Jakit-Sol

Man, has it been a while since I last lived here! Anyway, i'm gonna start a flash series and have it posted onto my SheezyArt page and here as well, but I'm gonna need cooperation with my sister and the ability to post ad space onto the first frame. So yeah. big things in the works and Ill probably make another post before long!


2008-05-06 20:11:22 by Jakit-Sol

Welcome all to a refresher of this place. and now for a random YouTube vid.

Useful commercial for the crappy-life people!


2007-07-30 01:01:43 by Jakit-Sol

Damn i'm pissed! I've been on Newgrounds for more than two years and haven't submitted any crap whatsoever! I guess it kinda sucks being fifteen, not being able to get a job till you can drive a car. I'm stuck with only $150 and i doubt i can do any use here with it. Unless i could get that $100 prize from voting.

The lock present

2007-07-28 00:15:42 by Jakit-Sol

ok. sadly ive not been able to finish my little gift because it cannot be made out of paper. ill probably have to make it out of wood if im lucky. i dont see it happening anytime soon so ill probably do it next year. mabey post a pic of it on sheezy or on the LL forums. it started to look good but it kind of colapsed. and if any of you who are reading this and have no idea what im talking about dont know what im talking about, you can just wait till i finish my creation.

A surprize for the Locks.

2007-07-27 03:30:18 by Jakit-Sol

Wow. My second post and this time there's something interesting about it. Even though I am only a Lv 3 NewGrounder, and new to the Lock Legion, and do know Flash but do not own it because i already used my 30-day free trial on it a month ago so i cant make flash movies till i get it, this is going to sound neat.

I'm building something that is technically a great item somewhere on NG. I'll finish it before my 3 day ban on shivels up and dies. which means that ill get to post a pic of it on SheezyArt because im there too. Heres the link.

My Sheezy Page. (Don't steal my newspapers)