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It's only an update.

2009-11-29 12:11:38 by Jakit-Sol

Well, i'm finally 18 since the 23rd, and I got more than $100 for my birthday as well as STAR TREK on DVD, and an assload of cardstock. Didn't expect to get STAR TREK for my birthday, but my favorite character from the movie (after i watched it) was definetly Scotty.

The only thing that really pissed me off was that all of my cards were mainly about fat guy jokes. I'm not even fat! And two of them were the same card! Both of those were quite a first.

Episode 2 isn't going as good as planned because I haven't worked on it for over a month. Again, damn school. Unless I had a week to myself and the motivation towards the flash, it would probably be mostly done. And i've had one hell of a busy Thanksgiving week off. But I might as well add 2 days to that holiday due to getting Friday off before the weekend preceeding the holiday week, and having to go to the doctor in Austin this 30th. So i've had about a week and a half of no school. And only 6 hours were spent on the episode. I think I needed a vacation from the vacation I just took so I could get the episode worked on and probably finished before the year is over. Well, we may see in about a month.


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