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2010-03-12 00:10:00 by Jakit-Sol

Inspiration for the second episode's plot has struck my cerebellum with a cast iron skillet whose name shall be "Bobby". Animation for this whole project is going kinda slow, but im not to blame. School sucks the creativity from your mind. Especially when you have a good idea, but way to much shit gets in your way and you have to clear it all out until you get some time to actually do the work that you want to do!

I'm also on the hunt for college scholarships so i can get a bachelors degree in engineering, for i love to build lots of things, but can't put my skills to any serious money making jobs as of yet. Ah well. At least i have what i love to do right at my fingertips. And no, not THAT kind of love to have. I know what you might have thought there. And you are a sick individual for thinking so.


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2010-05-10 22:25:09

So if you are planning it out. Is there a target release date yet? Or are we still playing by ear?